The Best Sand And Water Table in The UK 2021

Kids Sand & Water Tables UK 2021

Why do we need to encourage outside play and explore this beautiful world which surrounds us?  How kids sand & water tables helps development? 

Let's highlight some of the benefits of sand & water tables outdoor toys for kids today.

Sure, we live in a modern age but we also need to think about our children's physical health. It is so easy to get lost in so many new technologies and gadgets and all of those colourful screens which show cartoons all the time but  do we really want only technology for our kids?

Let's give them the possibility to explore the world the way we did. How many of you remember times when you have run around the park or dig and dump the sand all over the sandbox? Or perhaps other kids which was building beautiful castles next to you. Do you still recognise this kid inside of you which climb up and down the slide about 100 times? If you find lots of joy in all of those activities mentioned above then your children will enjoy it as well. Let's show our kids a healthy lifestyle full of movements and physical activity. 

The best memories are always created together! We form a bond to stuff which gave us or our loved one's happiness. Sometimes it can be just a toy which does not need to be expensive. The best things in life are for free but it does not mean we cannot make it easier by using some cool outdoor toys which will bring joy and lots of new memories to your home.

Let's start a new journey of building memories by going through some of the best outdoor toys, sand and water tables and sets which will help in that.

Here we go! Our top choices for best kids sand & water tables and outdoor toy sets:

The Magic Toy Shop Sand and Water Table with Water Mill

The Magic Toy Shop 25 Piece Sand and Water Table Garden Sandpit Play Set Beach Toy Moulds Watering Can Water Mill


This 25 pieces kids sand & water table with accessories is a great toy for toddlers and young children. While keeping them entertained it helps to develop basic learning, hand-eye coordination, and imagination skills. Children will have hours of imaginative fun with this play table.
The brightly coloured Sand and Water Play Table is suitable for garden or beach. Made from thick high-quality plastic ensuring a sturdy construction during play.

The Magic Toy Shop Blue Sand and Water Table Garden Sandpit Play Set

The Magic Toy Shop 23 Pieces Sand & Water Table Garden Sandpit Play Set Toy Watering Can with Accessories

This outdoor toy provides important opportunities for children to practice cooperative play and sharing. It is a special table for the kids which not only give a lot of joy and entertainment for a couple of hours but as well help in the development of your precious ones. This outdoor toy is perfect for your garden where you can create a messy corner for your kids. You can fill it up with water or sand and the kids can play and learn.

 Sand Truck & Accessories Set

The Magic Toy Shop 5 Piece Sand Truck & Accessories Beach/ Garden Toy

This classic sand truck is one of our favourites because it light, colourful easy to carry, have a lot of accessories such as a fork, spade and a plastic turtle and a seahorse. Children can use in the garden or at the beach. The perfect set to take with you for a day at the beach or for holidays, your kids will have a lot of fun with it and you will have 5 min for yourself and time to relax. The best feature of this product is that it is a great space saver, easy to pack in your suitcase.

Sand and Water Table & Mill Play Set

The Magic Toy Shop Sand and Water Mill Play Set Outdoor toy

Sand or water? We recommend both! The fun starts here! Enjoy the great weather with your family while playing with this sand and watermill.

This sand and water mill set will keep your children entertained for hours with plenty of messy fun! The set includes a watering can, spade, rake and four sand moulds for such a great price. With lots of moving parts, this outdoor toy will keep your little ones entertained as they pour sand and water into the funnel and watch in delight as the brightly coloured cogs spin around and the sand pours down from the sieve at the bottom.

Pirate Ship Boat Sand and Water Table Play Set

The Magic Toy Shop 24 Pcs Pirate Ship Boat Sand and Water Table Garden Sandpit Large Play Set Toy Includes Accessories

Who doesn't want to be a pirate? Who didn't saw a Captain Hook's pirate ship?

Well, you have a chance now, this ship for sure is not scary. Furthermore it brings a lot of fun and helps your kids develop their imagination and pretend play. Children playing with sand and water are practising eye-hand coordination and using fine motor skills to scoop, sift, funnel, and pour.

So let's send our children outside to the garden and start the play with great kids sand & water tables!

Each mentioned outdoor toy in our post has a recommended age guidelines on the product website which you can check jut by clicking on the links provided. We hope you enjoyed the time you spend on riding this short post, if so please let us know what you think in a comment below.

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