What is a water feature and how it works?

What is a water feature and how it works? - UKbuyzone Blog

The water feature is a great option to make our environment more beautiful or cooling especially on a warm summer's day. Ancient water features were powered using gravitational forces, human power or animals to pump in the water but the modern water feature is electrically powered. Nowadays this device has used not only just a decoration but also as so many benefits for our home and our family.

The water feature (or fountain) is a structure that sprays water in one or more jets. It is primarily used for cooling or aesthetic experience, based on the decorative and refreshing nature of water. Initially, using the power of gravity, using water from above, fountains now operate artificially with a pump. They do not require water to be plumbed in, rather a water is recycled from either a pond or a hidden reservoir, also known as a sump. 

How does water feature works

How does a water feature work?

The reservoir of water contains the water and the pump. This pump moves the water up a pipe. The pump for this needs electricity. This electricity can come from main power or solar. When the water comes out from the pipe the gravity brings it back down to the reservoir. The water feature can make with stainless steel, granite rock or resin, the principle is the same.

The small garden water feature most often uses the plastic box for the reservoir. This box is hidden. These water features have cheaper prices and anybody can install them.

The big water features are more typical of public areas. The biggest water feature is in Dubai. The water fountain is named “The Palm Fountain” and is designed to show the harmony between the universe and the earth.