Why playing with baby dolls is good for your toddler?

Why playing with baby dolls is good for your toddler? - UKbuyzone Blog

Why you should encourage your toddler to play with baby dolls? What are the benefits of doll play?

Playing with baby dolls is good for your toddler. During those years, your little one should own and play with baby dolls! They offer endless potential for teaching them about themselves and the surrounding world.

That's why baby dolls are a must-have and playing with baby dolls is good for your toddler!

These are beautiful soft-bodied girls and boys dolls with open eyes and soft trendy clothes. They also come with a dummy and make 12 baby sounds.

Your kids have a special quality of developing a strong emotional connection to toys. That's their way of expressing their creativity and encourages them to gain a nurturing attitude. It's often easier for them to practice those skills on a doll before applying them to themselves.

Doll play also builds your child's confidence in handling objects. It is a source of comfort for both female and male toddlers and helps them gain and practice their problem-solving skills through safe and fun play.

Bibi Baby Doll

These are beautiful soft-bodied girls and boys dolls with open eyes and soft trendy clothes. They also come with a dummy and make 12 baby sounds.

Cognitive, fine motor and self-help skills

Baby dollies benefit your kids in developing their cognitive, fine motor, and self-help skills. Your little adventurers practice these skills trough charming and clever ways like:

  • Dramatizing by acting as if their dolls can see and interact with them. They may pretend to feed, bath or put to sleep the dollies. This type of pretend play is very important in cognitive development.
  • Changing the clothes of the doll is another way of practising their fine-motor skills. Removing or putting clothes on can be tough for your baby. Usually, it's much easier when first practised on a doll with common items like hats, pants, shirts and shoes using both hands.
Baby Doll Accessories

  • Pretending to bath their doll is great for practising sequencing skills. Also fights the fear of taking a bath themselves.
  • Dolls also provide great opportunities for other hygiene skills such as brushing hair, brushing teeth and washing hands.
  • Children with an active imagination can hugely benefit from using a doll to help with potty training.

Speech-language skills

It's crucial to help your kids expand and open up their pretend play. Baby dolls are great in doing so because the little ones learn a lot of vocabulary through their play. They have opportunities to use and practice their speech and language skills.

Bibi Baby Doll

  • The baby doll is a fantastic toy for teaching various body parts like eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, fingers, tummy, feet, toes, knees and so on. Generally, you can teach these without dolls, but by giving your kids more opportunities, you make it easier.
  • Your little explorers will learn the names of clothing items like shirts, pants, shoes etc. Playing with baby dolls also works on fine motor skills!
  • By adding baby toys accessories you help your child learning verbs and feelings like eating, sleeping, drinking, feeling thirsty or hungry etc. For example, by asking your toddler if the baby is hungry or thirsty and what to about it.
  • It's important to ask your baby multiple questions to help on his understanding of these words while he plays.
  • Playing with different dolls by taking turns is a great way of teaching appropriate social and pragmatic skills in your child.

Social-emotional skills

Early years are full of magic and discovery. From your kids perspective, a baby doll isn't just a toy. They're exploring their environment through play.

Social-emotional skills are valuable life lessons. Both male and female children are practising being loving to others in carrying, holding, feeding and rocking a baby doll. Their role-models are you as parents - in the kitchen, vacuuming or talking on the phone. Doll play is no different for your little toddlers. It is their way to understand and starts taking over the world.

A great way for children to re-enact things that have happened in their lives is engaging with dolls. This allows them to increase their understanding of the events. Furthermore, this encourages them to see things from another's perspective, which is a significant skill to acquire! Your kids will also enjoy taking on the adult role to gain or feel a sense of control and power. This is very important since your little one have very little control over his or her world.

Why playing with baby dolls is good for your toddler? Playing with baby dolls is very important for youngsters, especially for preparing them the birth of a sibling. As a parent, you can implement models of appropriately touch and care for the infant. This can be very helpful since the older child will get less attention once the newborn arrives. Being able to have their activity while still feel connected to the family is crucial at this age.

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