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Portable Grey Bed Tray & Drink Holder

Portable Grey Bed Tray & Drink Holder


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lap tray


Ideal to work or game on your laptop without leaving your bed, lounger, or couch. This plastic table provides a sturdy surface for you to read, play, or work while relaxing. It is suitable to place on the floor, bed sofa or armchair for kids to draw, eat, play on their tables or do DIY projects for school.


A lightweight design of only 680 grams allows you to move the tray around your house, take it outside and use it in your back garden or take it with you for a long car journey. This breakfast tray is ideal as a tea table or food serving tray. Its sturdy design allows you to get up and out of bed easier while moving the desk effortlessly off your lap.


It is one of the beautiful gifts to your loved ones, ideal for a birthday, Christmas, holiday or without any specific occasion. A gift for a close friend working from home or older family members to enjoy having their snacks, tea and meals in the comfort of their bed. This portable desk design makes your and your family's life easier.


This laptop tray is super easy to clean in case of an accidental spill on its surface, wipe it effortlessly with a damp cloth will be enough. The surface of the portable try is smooth, non-toxic and easy to keep clean, dirt-proof and waterproof. You can use it with confidence.


This bed tray measures approx. 58 cm x 30 cm x 21.5 cm (L x W x H). It perfectly fits a laptop, or you can stand your tablet and phone in the specially designed slot. This tray features three extra compartments, one round for your drink and two larger for books, personal items, headphones, pens, notes, and anything needed to have in reach of hand. This durable bed table is available in blue pastel colour.

lap tray


Weight 0.68 kg
Material Plastic
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christina Hamilton

Use this daily. Art and crafts, meals, make up. Just what we needed. I have the teal. My daughter has pink. We love them. Very sturdy. If i had to fault it the only thing I can think of is the drinks hole. It gets smaller. So an ideal fit would be the shape a take away pop/coffee cup. If I needed more. I would buy without a doubt.

Elizabeth Rios
Very stable

I used it as a table to make my nails in my bed and it’s great as the compartment s help me organise all the material I need