What are the different type of water feature?

What are the different type of water feature? - UKbuyzone Blog

Water features are a fantastic choice, if your goal is to make your garden that much more beautiful, and richer. But, what kind of features are there, and how can you implement them in your own little paradise?


Type Of Water Feature - Fountains

Smaller fountains are the most popular water feature because they offer the biggest selection and variation. Made from a variety of materials, such as stone, granite, polyresin, they really fit into any environment. Not to mention being fairly cheap and incredibly simple to install.

Now, of course. You can always commit to something bigger. Who doesn't dream of their own sizeable fountain, and a castle to boot? However, with the running cost and all the hassle that comes with installation. Not to mention the average size of an English garden, they aren't necessarily the best or the most convenient choice.

Spout Water Feature

Type of Water Feature - Spout Water Feature

An elegant, and classic look is something that they offer quite easily. They use spouts, or even taps to project arcs of water. This style popularized by the early Greeks and Romans has found its way to your backyard.

Bubbling Rock or Drilled Rock

Type Of Water Feature - Bubbling rock

These water features are ideal for small places or indoors. The bubbling rock is a large boulder, that has a hole drilled vertically through the rock to let water bubble out of the top and cascade down the sides. It is comprised of three parts, which are the pump kit, basin, and rock. The rocks used for these systems must have a specific formation or composition.


Type Of Water Feature - Waterfall

A pondless waterfall is simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream without the presence of a pond. The water comes cascading from the spouts creating a beautiful wide stream. Just to be recirculated through the hidden away pipes.

There is nothing to be said about their look that you don't already know. I can only remind you of the blissful feeling, that comes with running your fingers underneath one of the streams on a hot summer day.


Type Of Water Feature - Fountain With Pond

A pond. Simple concept really, a container with standing water. At least at its core. Usually medium to large-sized, they are a somewhat visuall simple addition to your average garden.

However, the main attraction comes with a variety of decorations that can be added to further improve the basic look. From plants, fish to even bigger features such as earlier mentioned fountains directly integrated into the build. It is definitely the most demanding garden decoration to get right. However, it is by far the most satisfying.