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Air Pump Drain Plunger

Air Pump Drain Plunger


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Drain Unblocker

No more stubborn drain blockages with our powerful plunger. Made for efficiency and convenience, this compact and comfortable tool features two suction cups in different sizes for use in any scenario from kitchen sinks, toilets to outdoor drains.


Our sink plunger packs a punch against stubborn clogs. Thanks to a clever compression chamber, it unleashes a powerful burst of air, swiftly dealing with even the toughest blockages. No waiting around – it gets the job done fast. Experience straightforward, extraordinary power for a quick and effective unclogging solution in your home.


Unleash the unclogging power effortlessly with our sink plunger's smart design. The ergonomic handle is made for easy handling, making the compression power available with less effort. No more struggling – enjoy a comfortable grip and minimal effort. Say goodbye to inconvenient plungers; our comfortable design ensures a hassle-free solution for all your drain unclogging needs.


Our plunger comes equipped with two suction cups in different sizes. Whether it's your kitchen sink, toilet, bathtub, or outdoor drain, switch effortlessly between the small cup for precision in sinks and showers, and the larger cup for robust performance in toilets and outdoor drains. This multi-functional feature makes it the go-to solution for all your unclogging needs.


The powerful compression chamber ensures efficient unblocking without the need for harmful substances. Embrace a cleaner, greener solution for your drains, contributing to a healthier home and a more sustainable planet.

Drain Unblocker Specifications:

Packaging Dimensions: Height 40.5cm, Depth 10cm, Width 16cm, Weight 600gm
Item Dimensions: Height 64cm, Depth 17cm, Width 17cm
Brand: MTS
Material: Plastic
Set Includes: 1x Drain Unblocker, 1x 17cm Attachment, 1x 6cm Attachment
Cups in 2 Sizes - 17cm & 6cm


Weight 0.6 kg
Material Plastic
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