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Dolls are the oldest toys in the world. Once made of fabric, straw, clay, porcelain, currently made of silicone or vinyl, invariably from years are an integral part of a child's intellectual AND emotional development. Thanks to them, kids can see the representation of themselves. Dolls give little people a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

18" BABY DOLLS: This beautiful soft body doll is designed for everyone, girls and boys, kids and adults. These dolls have astonishing shiny open eyes, ready to find a new home where someone will take care of, play with, and love it. Cute and realistic looking, it is a perfect pretend play toy.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made from high-quality vinyl/2/3 of arms and legs and a soft fabric body, these 18-inch dolls are ideal for cuddling. By taking care of a baby doll, children learn how to be responsible or take care of one another.

LUXURY OUTFITS: They are dressed in trendy luxury outfits and a matching hat which can be removed if you want to change clothes. Your kids would love to play with them all the time.

BABY SOUNDS AND DUMMY: They make 16 different baby sounds and also come with a comforter that can fit into the mouth. You can hear the laughter, cry, cough sound, words like mama, dada, or gibberish sounds, similar to the sounds a regular baby would do.

REALISTIC LOOKING: Cute and realistic looking, they are perfect for pretend play. It feels like a real baby holding with its soft material. A lovely gift for kids aged 18 months and up.

Customer Reviews

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R Martin
Lovely doll !

Great price, quick delivery and lovely quality.
I’m sure my little girl will love this when she opens it Christmas morning. The sounds and accessories are a lovely finish to a nice doll.

Jill Bragan

Not taken it out of bag as it's for my great niece for Christmas
Think she will like it looks really nice

Cristina T
Great baby doll

We love it. Great size and beautiful baby doll.

Kasim Rashid

Just wasnt happy with the quality.

J Currie

Our Granddaughter loves her new doll, Peaches and she is tucked up and sleeping in her wee cot ?? Well made and cuddly, makes all the right baby sounds and looks so cute. Peaches has the same hazel-coloured eyes as our Granddaughter so that is sweet too.

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