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Bag Toss Game Set Outdoor Indoor Play-set

Bag Toss Game Set Outdoor Indoor Play-set


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Bag Toss Game Set


This game is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It does not take much space and brings lots of fun. It is a sports game which involves a lot of movement and strength. Perfect for kids full of energy which enjoy throwing items.


Toss Game Set is suitable for all ages! You can play with family or friends. It would be perfect for birthdays or parties, holiday weekends, keeping children busy for hours. Children can explore their characters by adding some healthy competition by playing against friends and family.


The set features help in active learning tools with simple mathematical knowledge strengthen hand-eye coordination and teamwork. The rules are simple, toss the bean bag into the holes and win points. Lets the fun begin by throwing bags into the target. The player who will collect the largest number of points wins!


Made of PVC Material, this colourful set will bring lots of joy to your house. It is lightweight and fold-able, can be easily disassembled and store for the next round of fun.

Set Includes - In this set, you will find tubes in different sizes, lengths and shape x 8, connectors x 8, one scoring mat approx. (75 x 55 x 18) and bean bags x6 approx. (7 x 8 x 1 cm each). To create a target-board, you need to follow simple instructions on the box. Box dimensions approx. 54 cm x 5.5 cm x 24 cm (L x W x H) Please Note that colours may vary. Suitable for children age 3 years +

Bag Toss Game Set


Weight 0.87 kg
Material PVC
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