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Beat the Buzzer Game

Beat the Buzzer Game


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Buzz wire, steady hand game. How to play: grab the handle provided and follow it from one end to another. Rules are simple the handle cannot touch the wire, once it will: BUZZ, and you need to start over. Test your patience with this game as it is not as simple as it seems. The quickest player that first smoothly finish the maze wins. You can also buy two mazes and start at the same time.


This game helps practice child and adult focus ability, strengthen willpower, patience and train concentration. It helps children’s ability to eliminate interference and overcome inner anxiety. Strengthening stress resistance, experiencing tension, cultivating children’s good mentality in a stressful environment, and calm thinking will enable, to quickly recover and calmly cope with severe stress or danger.


Be brave to challenge, resist frustration, strengthen frustration education, improve children’s mental toughness, learn to resolve problems, face difficulties, persist and overcome them. This brilliant buzzing game is a real test of a child’s nerves and coordination.


The game requires two x 1.5 AA batteries as a power supply (not included), the human body will not have any sense of current, and it is very safe. It does not take much space and brings lots of fun. It would be the perfect gift and handy game during birthdays or parties, holiday weekends, keeping children busy for hours.


Battery-operated. Dimensions - Size (cm): W 8 x L 26 x H 21 cm (approx.) Assorted designs and colours, randomly sent. Suitable for children age 3 and up. Up to 2 players.


Weight 0.245 kg
Material Plastic
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