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Bestway Filter Cartridge II Twin Pack

Bestway Filter Cartridge II Twin Pack


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Bestway 58094 Pool Filter Cartridge - Size 2, Blue


The Bestway Filter Cartridge is a significant element of your pump. Thanks to it, pool water will be free from different bacteria and dirt. A swimming pool without a filter will soon turn green and messy within a few days. As a result, the water would need to change for a new one, so a filter cartridge inside your pump is an essential maintenance part. Without the cartridge, your pump will not fulfil its purpose of efficiently filtering water in the swimming pool.


This durable cartridge is easy to clean for multiple uses. Rinse with water collected dirt and try to wash all of the stains. It's crucial to replace your swimming pool filter cartridge regularly. Experts recommend, change or clean it every two weeks, even more frequently when the swimming pool is in use daily, and the water tends to collect dirt quicker. Replace the cartridge as soon as it becomes blocked with dirt and debris. Cartridge helps to maintain a clean, clear and healthier pool.


Ensure the pump is disconnect from the power supply before replacing the filter. Unscrew the top cover of the pump, remove the gasket and the filter cover. Pull out the filter from the inside of the pump and wash it thoroughly with high-pressure water. The replacement of it will not take longer than a couple of minutes. If the cartridge remains still dirty after carrying out these steps, replace it.


It is vital to have a replacement filter cartridge at your home so it can be quickly changed to keep your pool in optimum working condition. Bestway cartridges come in different models and sizes. Make sure you choose the correct size from I, II and III for your pump so it can function properly and keep your swimming pool ready to use during the hot weather. This filter cartridge is easy to fit and install.


Filter Cartridge II Twin Pack:
Dimensions of one filter approx. 4.2 in. x 5.4 in. / 10.6 cm x 13.6 cm
Replacement cartridge for: 530 - 800 gal./h (2.006 - 3.028 L/h) filter pumps
Content: 2 x Filter Cartridge Type II

Bestway 58094 Pool Filter Cartridge - Size 2, Blue


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