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Bestway Hydro-ForceTM Unisex Youth Inflatable Kayaks

Bestway Hydro-ForceTM Unisex Youth Inflatable Kayaks


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Made from durable PVC and built with three separate air chambers for added stability. Along with the provided repair patch, this kayak won't sink easily.


Comes with 1 (218cm) aluminium combi paddle, 1 built-in fishing rod holder, 2 detachable fins, 1 hand pump. and a repair patch. Everything you need, provided. Take it out for a paddle straight from the box.


With 4 footrests at different lengths and an inflatable backrest, this kayak has been designed for ease of use for kayakers both tall and short. Never again come back from your trip with a sore back.


For added convenience, the Kayak includes 2 carry handles located on the front and back of the Kayak. Once you have finished your trip, you can deflate the kayak quickly and efficiently, with the use of quick-release interlocking valves.


Inflated - 270 x 100 x 57 cm
Deflated - 279 x 108 cm
Package Weight - Approx 9kg
Maximum load: 150kg
Capacity: 1 person
Brand: Hydro-Force (Bestway)


Weight 9.47 kg
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