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Blonde Baby Girl Dolls with Down Syndrome

Blonde Baby Girl Dolls with Down Syndrome


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Handmade Baby Doll


This adorable girl doll has blonde hair. This doll is unique thanks to its Down Syndrome facial features. This cute doll will be a wonderful choice for children with Down Syndrome to relate to, but not only. This adorable doll will also be suitable for other children to play with and see its uniqueness and beauty. Dolls for pretend play should be inclusive and offered with equal respect, as part of all children's similarities and differences.


Playing with this gorgeous doll will help your children expand; their social skills, responsibility, empathy, compassion also their imagination. By taking care of a baby doll, children learn how to be responsible or take care of one another. While communicating with each other during pretend-play with family or friends, they practice and strengthen their vocabulary.


This doll is dressed in a trendy outfit that includes a stick-on strip that kids can remove easily, allowing an effortless change of doll's clothes as many times as they wish. Ideal for imaginative play. This Down Syndrome doll is made from soft vinyl that allows the head, arms, and legs to move.


Your little ones will love the imaginative role-play involved in taking care of these 14” dolls. They are so beautiful, and kids will fall in love with them from the first moment. They will be a great addition to your kid's doll collection.


This can be your kid's first baby doll. Perfect for spending hours cuddling and snuggling. This baby doll with those cute almond eyes is an ideal companion for kids. The best gift for Christmas, birthdays or no specific occasion present, you can give to children who are 3 years old and above.

Handmade Baby Doll


Weight 0.65 kg
Material Vinyl
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