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Childrens Glow in the Dark Bottle Sand Activity Kit

Childrens Glow in the Dark Bottle Sand Activity Kit


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Sand art


Make stunning glow-in-the-dark sand art! This set will bring crafty fun for adults and kids alike! Build up funky patterns one layer at a time. Tilt the bottle to make different levels in the sand, or push the sand using the crafting tool to create fascinating shapes. Make awesome sand art that looks as good in the dark as it does during the day!


Our one-of-a-kind sand art set includes 3 Bags of glow-in-the-dark sand, 3 Bags of colored sand, uniquely shaped bottles and necklaces with strings, a funnel to minimize the mess, a designing tool for special effects, and an instruction sheet. Easy to make, pour the colored sand into the decorative bottles one layer at a time.


Toys are vital in sparking the flame in young children to develop their creative and artistic sides, enhance fine motor skills, and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. This set will help kids explore the beauty of art and creativity.


This art and craft set is a perfect present. An adorable gift for birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and holidays, thank you and get well. It will bring hours of fun to your house for little art explorers. Perfect if you wish to spend fun and quality time with your child or grandchild.


This Sand Art Creations set is a gorgeous creative project that allows you to create glowing ornaments. This art set is suitable for ages 3+. Once you finish your art project, the sand art creations will make stylish additions to any room. The Box Dimensions are approx.: L:30cm, H: 25.5 cm, W: 6.5cm.

Sand art

Suitable for ages 3+
Box Dimensions approx.: L: 30cm, H: 25.5 cm, W: 6.5cm.


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