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Egg & Spoon Race Game

Egg & Spoon Race Game


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Egg & Spoon Race Game


Eggs and Spoons Race Game is classic with over a hundred years old history. It brings great outdoor fun for both kids and adults. Sports day is not just for schools! Great idea for an activity you can set up at home for your children and their friends! Why not have a go this summer? You could celebrate someone's close birthday with this friendly egg and spoon race!


How fast can you run from the starting line to the finish line without dropping an egg that you're holding in a spoon? An egg and spoon race is generally included in sports days to be a fun game loved by children of all ages. It encourages them to enjoy running without realizing how much exercise and physical effort is required.


The egg and spoon race can be divided easily into different age groups and abilities by altering the length of the race and adding rules. Rules like if you drop the egg, you are out of the race, or celebrate teamwork by making it a relay race with teams. Race with the spoon in hand or mouth? Have kids think up their own rules!


Skills like hand-eye coordination, endurance, balance, and a sense of fair play are necessary to successfully compete and have fun in an egg and spoon race. This outdoor activity teaches children patience, care, and coordination while exercising. It is a great learning game that will keep your kids entertained for hours!


Comes with 4x plastic eggs and 4x coloured spoons - less wasteful than playing with real eggs. Recommended age: 3 years +.This balance game will give challenge and endless fun to every group; It's suitable for boys, girls, and adults Perfect for family picnics, birthday parties, barbecue activities, class break activities, etc.

Egg & Spoon Race Game


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