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Elephant and Bowls Indoor Fountain

Elephant and Bowls Indoor Fountain


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indoor fountain


Adding a water fountain is a superb way to create a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere inside your home. The sound and sight of trickling water are naturally soothing and placed indoors help induce a feeling of calm and relaxation.


This stylish modern fountain is self-contained and easy to set up with no plumbing required. It runs on an electrical pump which is effortless to set up and manoeuvre around your home. To set it up, follow the instructions, insert the LED light, connect the tube from the statue to the pump, and next add water accordingly.


Having a water fountain indoors is ideal for creating a calming ambience and easing stress. The moving water also acts as a natural humidifier and helps combat air pollution by releasing negative ions. It is an excellent accessory for a home office or can look stunning as a unique ornament on a mantelpiece or bookshelf in the living room.

LED LIGHTS from the top bowls to the bottom bowl.

Made of premium quality sturdy resin, it's lightweight and durable. This indoor water fountain makes magnificent gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers, Fathers or Woman's Day for loved ones or you could treat yourself to one and add a special touch to your interior décor. They come in a variety of styles to choose from, making it easy to find one that's a perfect match for the décor theme of your room. They all feature LED lights that make them very attractive at night. Water flows from the top bowls to the bottom bowl.


This fountain comes in a pleasing design of the baby elephant throwing the water playfully from its trunk to the balls from which it cascades back to the base. This elephant and bowls fountain measures approx. 21 x 18.3 x 25 cm. It is electric-powered with an indoor cable of 1.5 m. The set includes: Pump with UK 3 pin plug, LED lights and a statue with a plastic base. Durable polyresin construction. Output: 220 - 240 V. It weighs approx. 0.96 kg

indoor fountain Specifications:

Uses UK 3-Pin Plug


Weight 0.96 kg
Material Polyresin
Length 18.8 cm / 7.4 inches
Width 21.0 cm / 8.27 inches
Height 25.0 cm / 9.84 inches
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