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Gerry the Giraffe Shape Sorting Jumbo Stacking Cups

Gerry the Giraffe Shape Sorting Jumbo Stacking Cups


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Brightly colored cups stack together includes: Stacking learning cups with the shape sorter and a storage bucket with a carrying handle. Your little one will love exploring colors and sizes with these sturdy and classic stacking cups. The sorting and stacking kit is one of the best toys for children. It brings plenty of benefits like cause-and-effect learning, goal setting, or motor skill development.


Children love to fit all the pieces together, stack them up to build a pyramid or put things then, take them out, turn them over and hide things underneath it, and throw them all over the room. Stacking cups toy can also be used to fill with water and pour in and out at bath time or used to have fun in the sand on the beach. This set will bring hours of fun time to your home. Stacking cups toy is the classical skill developer for young kids.


Your little one will love exploring bright pastel color cups in variations of sizes with this sturdy teach time gift! It is so colorful and light that your child can play for hours with it. Its stacking feature boosts fine and gross motor skills and helps your baby develop better eye-hand coordination. Cups have large stickers with numbers and embossed on top animal shapes so an older child can practice counting and begin building number recognition skills. It is a great learning tool.


Design to teach kids about colors and help them develop their hand-eye coordination and shape perception. These Baby Stacking Cups are an ideal present for little learners. We can guarantee endless fun. Perfect as a gift for any occasion.


Suitable for kids from 12+ months. This item comes in two assorted designs - one randomly sent. Box Dimensions: H:18cm L:15cm W:15cm.


Weight 0.565 kg
Material Plastic
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