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Kids Electric Rock Star Guitar & Microphone Set

Kids Electric Rock Star Guitar & Microphone Set


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Rock Star Guitar & Microphone


They say that music is the universal language. Regardless of where you are from or what your background is, a good melody is something that everyone can enjoy and understand. There must be something behind that, right? For children, music provides many, many benefits. From boosting their memory, confidence and social skills to boosting brain power and patience, kids will also love learning to play an instrument, allowing them to unleash their creative skills. This high-quality instrument is super durable and beautifully designed, making it the perfect way for your child to learn.


An ideal first musical instrument to introduce children to the delights of making music. It includes a guitar, a mini amplifier and a microphone with an adjustable stand.


lights in the guitar and amplifier speaker make the show even better. Speaker will intensify the music or voice & will light up as the player sings. Microphone with stand allows the guitar player to sing & play simultaneously.


The guitar features buttons that play various melodies and has 6 metal strings, you can play on it with your fingers or with a guitar pick. Made out of high-quality materials, it meets CE and EN71 requirements. Realistic look, beautifully designed and finished.


L70cm x W23cm x D3.5cm and requires 3 x AA Batteries - not included | Stand Measures : H100cm (Fully extended) x 24cm (base). Amplifier dimensions: 28 cm / 11 inch.

Rock Star Guitar & Microphone


Weight 1.48 kg
Material Plastic
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ben Wears
None of it works

Terrible product. Looks the part but when it arrived absolutely none of it worked. Avoid.

Katie Hannah
Very limited features

my 5 yo was disappointed opening this today on Christmas morning. you cant play your own tune because it plays its own music. it doesnt come with instructions and if you plug your phone in to play music, pressing the buttons on the guitar cuts the music out anyway so its pointless

Pauline jepp
Strange request so soon

How would you know - its a xmas present🤔

Kelly Fry
Looks ok.

Christmas present so haven’t tried it out yet...

ellen redmond

Delivered on time excellent service