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Microfibre Dish Drying Grey Mats Pack of 2

Microfibre Dish Drying Grey Mats Pack of 2


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Dish Drying

Improve your kitchen experience with our Pack of 2 Premium Microfiber Dish Drying Mats. Highly absorbent and efficient, these mats quickly dry your dishes while providing a protective cushion against scratches. Enjoy functionality and convenience in every drop, and toss them in the machine for effortless cleaning.


Improve your drying experience with these premium microfibre mats designed for superior absorption, ensuring your dishes dry quickly and effortlessly. Their reversible feature provides versatility, while the pack of two offers convenience of always having a spare. Enjoy the perfect mix of functionality and value with our absorbent, reversible, and convenient pack of two microfibre drying mats.


Made from microfibre, these mats offers a hygienic and secure kitchen environment. No more worries about unwanted germs as you embrace the protective and hygienic qualities of our mats. These mats are not just about drying; they are superheroes against bacteria. Our hygienic microfibre mats, making your everyday culinary space pristine.


Experience a high level of convenience as our microfibre mats are machine washable & foldable. Simply toss them into the washing machine for effortless cleaning, ensuring a fresh and sanitary surface every time. These mats easily fold, roll, and fit into compact spaces, keeping your kitchen clutter-free.


Designed with care, these mats are made of high-quality microfiber, with a soft mesh layer filled with 100% Polyester foam. Your delicate dishes and glassware will thank you as this mat acts as a reliable shield against scratches and scuffs. Elevate your kitchen experience with a touch of luxury and the assurance that your kitchen essentials are in safe hands, or rather, on a safe mat.

Dish Drying Specifications:

Packaging Dimensions: Height 44cm, Depth 3.5cm, Width 17cm, Weight 230gm
Item Dimensions: Height 47cm, Depth 0.3cm, Width 43cm
Brand: GEEZY
Material: Microfibre
Set Includes: 2x Dish Drying Mats


Weight 0.23 kg
Material microfibre
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