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Neon Pink Bibi Baby Doll Toy With Dummy & Sounds

Neon Pink Bibi Baby Doll Toy With Dummy & Sounds


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Modern Doll

Lauren Wigglebottom (Pinky)

Raised in a great family of Wigglebottoms, Pinky’s life was a secluded one. Surrounded by riches. But, with no friends to help her pass the time, she felt very lonely. It was time to change things around and dip her finger in an adventure! Just the little finger, just the pinky.

16 Baby Sounds

Small soundbox placed at the front of the doll body in a specially made pocket make 16 baby sounds. You can hear the laughter, cry, cough sound, words like mama, dada or gibberish sounds, similar to the sounds a regular baby would do.

Luxury Outfits and Dummy

Each doll wears a set of soft, high-quality clothes. Those outfits vary in colour and style. This trendy luxury set is easily removable as it comes with a velcro strap, allowing a child little-hands to change dolly clothes many times. Bibi Doll small hat and dummy included highlighting its cute-characteristics. Dummy, fits dolly mouth.

Ideal Gift

This can be your kid's first baby doll. Perfect for spending hours cuddling and snuggling. This baby doll is an ideal companion for kids. The best gift for Christmas, birthdays or no specific occasion present.


This stylish doll measures approx. 20 inches. The body, created from white stuffed fabric, apart from the head, hands and feet made of soft-vinyl. This cloth-body doll is super-soft, ideal for kids to cuddle, carry or take for long walks. It weighs approx. 0.78 - 0.80 kg.

Modern Doll Specifications:

Dimensions: Height – 20”, Weight approx. 0.8 kg.
Material: Body made from cloth and stuffing, while the arms, legs and head are from soft vinyl.
Recommended Age: 18 months and up


Weight 0.75 kg
Material Vinyl
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Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews

Beautiful high quality doll and clothing

Wendy Tahir

I brought two bibi dolls for my granddaughters. They both fell in love with them, had many hours playing dress up feeding and bathing. A great buy 👌


Beautiful dolls, grandaughter is going to love her. ❤️

Kathleen Brown
Bibi baby doll

Lovely doll true to size granddaughter will love it

Sabrina Eze

BiBi Baby Doll "Pinky" (50 cm / 20")