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Peg with Wooden Marbles Board Game

Peg with Wooden Marbles Board Game


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The peg at the centre of the board is removed, after which all further moves are made by moving any of the remaining pegs (horizontally or vertically but never diagonally) over a neighbouring one if there is an empty hole on the other side. The peg thus passed over is then removed from the board. The game aims to remove all the pegs from the board in this way except one, which should finish in the centre hole.


Supports the development of your kid's communication and social skills. Builds early knowledge of numbers, shapes and colour recognition. Teaches the values of concentration and attention.


High-quality natural wood. Non-toxic, durable and safe materials.This is a lovely gift for anybody who enjoys a challenging puzzle.This test of logic is timelessly terrific and is bound to deliver hours of fun.


The size of the wooden board measures approximately 21cm x 2cm making it great to be enjoyed indoors.


1x wooden game board and 33 wooden marbles. Not suitable for children younger than 3 years.

Not suitable for children younger than 3 years.


Weight 0.425 kg
Material Wood
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