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Set of 2 Refrigerator Storage Drawer

Set of 2 Refrigerator Storage Drawer


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Fridge Drawer


Perfect storage solution, designed for space-saving. Multi-purpose storage rack trays can be mounted on the compartment of your refrigerator, maximizing storage in the fridge and keeping it neat and clean while making full use of the wasted space. Perfect for organizing fruits, cheeses, vegetables, and other items in the fridge, keep your snacks in order.


Thanks to their smart design, these containers are so effortless to clean. These storage racks are highly functional and have multi-purpose use you: can use them in your office, kitchen, bedroom, living room to store all kinds of small things.


These storage containers are lightweight, their edges are smooth, giving a healthy modern appearance. Ventilation holes at the bottom make it easier to drain naturally, filter water, and dry vegetables and fruits, which will keep them fresh and odour free for longer.


Made from durable plastic, this set of 2 drawers is safe, friendly to the environment, firm and high-quality. Suitable for use in refrigerators, freezers, kitchen cabinets, under the desk or table.


Pack Contains 2x Refrigerator Storage Slide Drawers. Size: 16 x 15 x 6.5 cm. Assorted colours - white or green, from which one colour is selected and sent at random. Colour might vary from the illustration.

Fridge Drawer Specifications:

Packaging Dimensions: Height 16cm, Depth 13cm, Width 17cm, Weight 220gm
Item Dimensions: Height 6.5cm, Depth 15cm, Width 16cm
Brand: GEEZY
Material: Plastic
Assorted colours: Green and white, dispatched randomly.


Weight 0.22 kg
Material Plastic
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