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The Magic Toy Shop Spinning Plates Set

The Magic Toy Shop Spinning Plates Set


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Spinning Plates Set


Juggling is fun for all age groups. Everyone will want to try to balance the jazzy plate on the stick. With our brilliant juggling plates, anyone can master the art of juggling. The curved base ensures that the experience will quickly be a successful one.


Fantastic for beginners, children and adults. The ideal toy to entertain family and friends. Once kids master the relatively simple art of getting the plate to spin, the next goal is to keep the spinning as long as possible! We can assure you that this set will bring hours of fun to your home.


Help your kids improve their hand-eye coordination, endurance, balance skills with this lovely plate spinning set. Teaches children patience, care, and coordination while having fun. It is an ideal learning set that will keep your kids entertained for hours!


The plates measure approx. 17cm across. The spinning sticks are 39,5cm long. These plates are from a soft polyethylene composite designed to be slightly flexible to help prevent any injury when learning to spin. This lovely set is portable and easy to store.


3x Plates and 3x Spinning Sticks. Each plate is provided with a flexible spinning plate stick for you to start spinning straight away. Suitable for ages 3 and up. Our spinning plates set is just perfect for family picnics, birthday parties, barbecue activities, class break activities, etc.

Spinning Plates Set


Weight 0.26 kg
Material Polyethene
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