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Turtles Design Large Towel

Turtles Design Large Towel


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Beach Towel


The GEEZY Microfiber beach towel is durable, soft, breathable, very comfortable to touch and friendly to people with sensitive skin. It dries three times faster than a standard cotton towel! Quick-drying fabric can absorb water from your body quickly and can dry it in a short time. Place this blanket directly on the sand or grass. After use, you can quickly and easily shake off the sand. Thanks to its smoother surface, this high-quality towel is sand-free.


The pool towel measures approx. 140 ×70 cm and weighs only 300 grams. Its lightweight makes this beach towel effortless to carry and help to save space. GEEZY bath towels are ideal for travelling as they do not take much space in the bag or luggage, and thanks to it, there is more room for snacks. Created for days at the beach or in the park, use it as a blanket or towel and enjoy time with friends and family.


Whether drying off after swimming, lounging on the sand, or laying out in the sun, a beach towel is a summer must-have. Our large beach towels will give you plenty of room for sunbathing or chilling. They're super soft yet absorbent for whenever you're in a lounging or swimming kind of mood. Great for travel, exercising, swimming, bathing, camping, yoga and more.


Great gift idea for athletes, gym-goers & Yoga lovers. It's a must-have for those vacationing on a cruise ship. It's ideal for backpacking hikers & camping expeditions. Suitable for everyone who loves to chill by the poolside or the seaside.


Once this high-quality beach towel gets dirty, clean it in the washing machine or hand wash. Suitable only for cleaning in cold water!

Beach Towel


Weight 0.28 kg
Material Microfibre
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